What's Stopping You?

Tell us about your barriers and frustrations

We want to be sure that we're working to solve the right problems.

This short questionnaire is intended to help us understand the difficulties you're facing, either as a business in an emerging economy, or as a company in the established world who's trading - or intending to trade - with businesses in those economies.

If you're affected by bank de-risking, access to compliant payments, high currency exchange or transaction fees, then tell us about your challenges.

All information is stored anonymously. If you choose to sign up to receive reports or other communications from us, the answers you give to this survey aren't linked in any way to your actual identity.

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Trade Impediments Survey

This survey should take only a few minutes to complete. We don't collect, store or share any personally identifiable information.

Business Role:
What's the main difficulty you've encountered in cross-border trading?
What factor would make the greatest improvement to your international trading?
Has your business experienced any loss or other negative result from cross-border trade?

Note: This is a quick and simple questionnaire to gain a general flavour of how the global payment environment affects cross-border trade. To preserve anonymity, we don't gather validating information from respondents. Therefore the results offered do no more than provide an indicator how respondents view the situation. They shouldn't be regarded as the result of definitive research.

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