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The solutions we feature here all have something to offer in solving the problems of access to ethical finance in disadvantaged regions. Some of them are products of our supporters, but we are committed to being impartial. We welcome contact from any organisation which can add to the knowledge bank and so improve the underlying processes that make fair global payments a possibility.

The information here is provided to us by the respective solution owners. This has been the sole basis of our evaluation of the relevancy of the products, and their inclusion here does not constitute a recommendation.


AU10TIX hero image

AU10TIX has developed a range of AML/ATF aids in the form of advanced document verification systems. The company claims to be able to verify a statutory document in eight seconds or less, allowing the document's validity to be assessed with little or no interruption to the on-boarding process. It's capable of working with relatively low-quality images, such as might be uploaded by customers, giving a high success rate and reducing time wastage due to a need to re-submit.

According to AU10TIX, its systems fuel KYC with forensic-level forgery detection. Their systems self-learn, so that every document scanned improves future detection rates. The company reports a database that already holds 5% of the world's idenities.

As well as providing stand-alone products, AU10TIX makes its solutions available as plug-in APIs for a wide range of platforms.

Visit the AU10TIX website



CognisSys CogniKYC hero image

Developed by CognisSys, CogniKYC sets out to shift workload away from MLROs, allowing them to spend more of their time making informed decisions and less chasing information. It's a blockchain-enabled document management system that automatically performs advanced KYC processes on the information uploaded. It uses powerful and seamlessly integrated APIs, developed either in-house or by trusted third parties such as ComplyAdvantage and AU10TIX.

The system uses powerful AI and machine learning to analyse the validity of several levels of a transaction, from positively identifying and screening all of the actors in the exchange to analysing the credibility of the transaction itself.

CognisSys claims that CogniKYC makes it entirely possible for one MLRO to process a typical transaction in less than five minutes.

Visit the CogniKYC website


complyAdvantage hero image

ComplyAdvantage is arguably the most-recognised name for next-generation compliance. Its automated services work via live databases to provide real-time interrogation of sanctions, politically exposed persons and adverse media. The company claims more efficient screening by allowing users to configure analysis to only those criteria relevant to their risk profile.

ComplyAdvantage works in 14 languages, and its reference databases are updated every 15 minutes, with PEP profiles updated daily. The company offers APIs for integration of its document verification into other software. In this form it provides extended capability to full-range KYC products such as CogniKYC, also featured on this page.


Visit the ComplyAdvantage website



Emailage hero image

As well as its communication benefits, email offers an extensive range of identity verification and background information. Emailage has specialised in maximising these capabilities with a powerful toolkit for fighting fraud by deep analysis of e-mails to verify names, locations and provide predictive risk analysis.

Emailage claims an average response time of 30ms, which makes its solutions a highly worthwhile consideration for integration into a risk evaluation/KYC environment.


Visit the Emailage website


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